About Skillhouse

What we do

Skillhouse provides a physical space where hackers, engineers, scientists, artists, and other creative types can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and even food. Members are likely to show up to work on personal projects, consult with other members, and learn new things. More than just a project workspace, we aim to share all types of knowledge in a friendly and collaborative environment.

How we are organized

We are incorporated and it is our intention to file for and obtain tax-exemption and tax-deductible donation status.

How to make contact

How we’re funded

  • Expenses are covered by member dues: $35/mo ($25/mo for students)
  • We intend to apply for grants, teach courses, and hold fund-raisers to raise money for additional equipment purchases
  • Our location in the Sun Center is sponsored by the McGurn Management Company
  • Our internet access is sponsored by Grooveshark

The space

  • We are located at:
    101 SE 2nd Pl, Ste 100
    Gainesville, FL 32601
  • More information here

5 thoughts on “About Skillhouse

  1. S. Mike McCarthy says:

    Hello all

    My wife and I are new to the area, and were looking to stop in tomorrow evening for the Tuesday open house.

    Can you give us more info on what your group is working on currently?


    • cvonkleist says:

      Hi, Mike. Skillhouse is not working on any group projects currently, but lots of people are working on individual projects. See you at Skillhouse tomorrow! Feel free to bring your own projects to work on, or just come and hang out.

  2. S. Mike McCarthy says:

    We’re looking forward to it.

    Thanks much

  3. Colin Emerson says:

    How do I join

    • cvk says:

      Hey, Colin. Joining is pretty easy. We have a vote-in membership, so our members will want to get to know you before voting you in. Please come to the space during our open-house night a few times to introduce yourself to everyone (Tuesdays at 7pm).

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