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Dual Extruder Printer in the Downtown Location!

I have recently moved my Makerfarm Prusa i3v 3D Printer into the downtown location. A upgrade I made before bringing it here was the addition of the Itty Bitty Double FLEX dual extruder. Watch the video above to see how I made the upgrades, and swing by the hackerspace to see it in action!

If you have ideas for things you want 3D printed, feel free to send me a message. Lets get to creating!

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Raspberry Pi Case cut on the CNC Router!

On Jan. 29th, Rob Burns had a great workshop on using Draftsight as a base for 2D/3D design. I have plenty of experience with 3D design, but I have wanted to learn to use the CNC router we have at the downtown located. This was the perfect opportunity for that! Continue reading

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Rubens’ Tube

Sunday, December 21st, we made a Rubens’ tube!  Look at how the sine wave (from the speaker) changes the height of the flames!