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13 thoughts on “Chat

  1. I’m curious as to how your members currently share their open-source hardware projects with the world. Do they have personal web pages that they post the projects to? Do they record the steps and save them on their computer in case someone asks?

    I post my projects to a personal website, but that is a pain to maintain. I’d like to know if your members are interested in a way to share their projects with the rest of the world through an easy-to-use platform.

  2. K Michael says:

    I am currently seeking a space to do some wood working, but I don’t have many tools, and was wondering whether the Skillhouse would be able to provide me with the space, tools, and freedom to engage in some noisy, dirty, and hazardous work. I would need a table approximately 5’x8′, a band saw, various heavy duty clamps, a table router, and, if the Gods are smiling, a steam box. I am at the outset of my search, so any suggestions and advice on how to go about accomplishing this are welcome.

  3. james says:

    Hi! We are a new 3d printer company, we were just featured on pc mag today, I wanted to reach out to your hackerspace and see if you would be interested in our Rep Rap machines. Thanks!

    • RKA says:

      I am a mechanical graduate student in UFL and am deeply interested in the whole 3d printer scene. I was hoping there would be a workspace for the 3D printer in Gainesville hackerspace. Hope there is more interest in this and I would be glad in helping out setting up the printer. It would be awesome!!

      • cvk says:

        Hey, Ranjit. We do have a MakerBot Industries 3d printer and need some help tuning it to get better results. Currently the machine is in storage, but we’d like to bring it to our downtown location if people are interested in working on it.

  4. Michael cosmo says:

    We would like to come on Tuesday the 16 to check it. Is that ok.

    • cvk says:

      You are very welcome to visit us, Michael. Come on by on the 16th. That will be a Demo Night where people show off their projects in a mini-presentation format.

  5. charlie says:

    what sort of tools are provided?

  6. James McClure says:

    Hello, I am having issues with a printrbot simple metal. Can you take a look at it or do you know of someone that can?
    I believe it’s a calibration if the z probe, but I am not certain.

  7. I work at the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency and have a possible 3D printing project for one of our redevelopment projects. New to 3D printing so want to discuss concept, scope, and feasibility. 352-393-8205

  8. alysse rupprecht says:


    My name is Alysse Rupprecht and I’m reaching out from INTEL’s Competition “America’s Greatest Makers” on TBS. I wanted to reach out and see if you would be willing to share our flyer with your group and colleagues. We are casting for Season 2 and trying to get the word out! If someone could contact me that would be great! My number is 818-232-3940 or Thank you!

  9. Bruce Carlson says:

    I will be in Gainsville for a month and cannot bring my parts with me.

    Is there a place in gainsville (other than radio shack) to buy a Uno and breadboard?

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